Extended Mentorship Program:

Mastering Hospitality to Multifamily Conversions

Group Coaching Schedule: Once per week for 45 minutes

Ongoing Support: Access to a Dedicated Facebook and Slack Group

 This Extended Mentorship Program spans six months, offering an extensive and structured approach to mastering the conversion of distressed hotels into cash-flowing multifamily properties. With additional weeks dedicated to advanced strategies and mentorship continuation, students gain a comprehensive education and support system for achieving success in real estate conversions.

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Weekly Coaching Sessions:

Phase 1: Foundation and Understanding (Days 1-60)

Phase 2: Implementation and Execution (Days 61-120)

Additional Benefits:

  • Weekly Underwriting Template Call
  • Weekly Deal Review Zoom Call
  • LOIs Submitted by CCRE Staff Utilizing Credibility Packages
  • Access to both the written and video courses is included.

About Steven Glaude

Steven Glaude is the Team Manager of Glaude & Associates, a prominent real estate firm specializing in residential, commercial, and off-market properties. With over 21 years of experience as a licensed real estate agent, Steven excels in various niches, including wholesale deals, property rehabilitation, fix-and-flip projects, foreclosure acquisitions, probate real estate, absentee owner transactions, and tenant buyouts. Additionally, he manages a successful short-term rental property management business and serves as the President of Instant Hotels, Inc., a Wyoming-based company specializing in converting hospitality properties to multifamily residences, retail spaces to self-storage facilities, and office spaces to multifamily residences. Steven's leadership highlights his ability to maximize real estate assets, providing innovative solutions aligned with market demand. The combined efforts of Steven Glaude Real Estate Services, Glaude & Associates, and Instant Hotels, Inc., showcase a commitment to excellence, industry insight, and the highest standards in real estate services, offering clients guidance through successful ventures.

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