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At Steven Glaude Real Estate Services, we redefine real estate possibilities through adaptive reuse. As the CEO of Glaude & Associates, with over 21 years of expertise, I am dedicated to transforming the landscape of commercial real estate by pioneering adaptive reuse projects that cater to the evolving needs of communities.

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Adapting to Changing Needs

Our commitment lies in understanding the pulse of the market, foreseeing societal shifts, and dynamically responding to the preferences of potential tenants. We specialize in repurposing hospitality properties into multifamily residences, aligning with the demand for modern, adaptable housing solutions.

"The housing crisis cuts at the very heart of what makes cities successful and vital, so it’s essential that we develop innovative and inclusive housing solutions." —Brooks Howell, Residential leader

Economic Viability

Economic viability is the cornerstone of our projects. Our approach involves a meticulous assessment of the financial landscape to ensure that the conversion of hospitality properties into multifamily housing is not just a visionary endeavor but also financially prudent. We analyze various economic factors to guarantee positive returns on investment, meeting and surpassing financial objectives.

Sustainability and Community Impact

In our pursuit of adaptive reuse, sustainability, and community impact are integral. We prioritize environmental consciousness, aiming to minimize our footprint while transforming spaces. Our multifamily conversions are designed to meet LEED standards, integrating eco-friendly technologies and practices to reduce environmental impact.

Furthermore, our commitment extends beyond the structures we build. We actively engage with local communities, ensuring that our developments contribute positively. We believe in fostering vibrant, inclusive neighborhoods, fostering a sense of belonging and community.

At CCRE, we take pride in our holistic approach, where every project not only addresses housing needs but also enriches the fabric of the communities we serve.

Join us in reshaping real estate — converting spaces, revitalizing communities, and redefining the future of living.

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