From Zero to $50M of Multi family Real Estate through converting distressed Hotels into Cash flowing apartments in under 12 months

Let me show you how to build your empire of passive Cash flowing apartments through adaptive reuse of distressed hotels.

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Course Overview

Module 1 - Introduction:

Introduction and Introduction to Conversions
Welcome to the comprehensive guide on transforming distressed hospitality assets into lucrative apartment buildings. In this module, we'll initiate our journey by exploring the fundamental concepts behind conversions in the real estate industry, laying the groundwork for the transformative process ahead.

Module 2 - Population Growth:

Understanding the pivotal role of population growth in real estate conversions is essential. In this module, we delve into the intricacies of demographic shifts, exploring how evolving populations influence the demand and viability of converting hospitality assets into multifamily residences


Module 3 - Absorption Rate:

Discover the significance of absorption rates in determining market dynamics for conversion projects. Uncover how absorption rates impact pricing, market trends, and the feasibility of transitioning distressed hospitality properties into thriving multifamily spaces.

Module 4 - Market Exit Price per Door:

In this module, we'll analyze the critical aspect of market exit pricing per door, offering insights into determining property valuations and gauging the profitability of the conversion process from distressed hospitality to cash-flowing apartment units.

Module 5 - Market Rents:

Explore the vital factors driving market rents and conducting rental market analyses. Learn how to set optimal rental prices, assess market trends, and project financial viability when transitioning a property to multifamily rentals.

Module 6 - Zoning Approval:

Navigating zoning approvals is crucial in the conversion process. Discover the ins and outs of obtaining necessary permits, ensuring compliance, and overcoming zoning challenges when converting distressed hospitality assets into multifamily residences.

Module 7 - Underwriting:

Master the essentials of underwriting multifamily real estate deals. Understand the role of underwriting in assessing feasibility, avoiding common pitfalls, and ensuring sound financial decisions throughout the conversion journey.

Module 8 - Submitting Offer via LOI:

Dive into the process of submitting offers via Letters of Intent (LOIs) for distressed hospitality acquisitions. Learn the strategic aspects of initiating negotiations and expressing serious intent when proposing conversions into multifamily properties.


Module 9 - Due Diligence:

Delve into the critical phase of due diligence in real estate conversions. Explore the comprehensive checklist and strategies necessary for conducting thorough property inspections, risk assessments, and feasibility analyses.


Module 10 - Syndication:

Explore the world of real estate syndication and its role in funding conversion projects. Learn about syndication types, legal considerations, and the phases involved in leveraging syndicated investments for successful transformations.


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About Steven Glaude

Steven Glaude is the Team Manager of Glaude & Associates, a prominent real estate firm specializing in residential, commercial, and off-market properties. With over 21 years of experience as a licensed real estate agent, Steven excels in various niches, including wholesale deals, property rehabilitation, fix-and-flip projects, foreclosure acquisitions, probate real estate, absentee owner transactions, and tenant buyouts. Additionally, he manages a successful short-term rental property management business and serves as the President of Instant Hotels, Inc., a Wyoming-based company specializing in converting hospitality properties to multifamily residences, retail spaces to self-storage facilities, and office spaces to multifamily residences. Steven's leadership highlights his ability to maximize real estate assets, providing innovative solutions aligned with market demand. The combined efforts of Steven Glaude Real Estate Services, Glaude & Associates, and Instant Hotels, Inc., showcase a commitment to excellence, industry insight, and the highest standards in real estate services, offering clients guidance through successful ventures.

Why Enroll in This Course?

By the end of this course, you'll be equipped with invaluable insights and practical skills to master the conversion process from hospitality to multifamily properties. Gain a competitive edge in the real estate market, make informed decisions, and embark on successful ventures.

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