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Welcome to Your Real Estate Transformation Journey!

 Welcome to a comprehensive course that unveils the intricate world of transforming hospitality properties into lucrative multifamily units. Are you ready to delve into the realm of real estate conversions and learn the essential strategies to thrive in this dynamic market?

Course Overview

Population Growth

For quite some time, multifamily housing has been the envy of real estate investors. A record amount of money is being invested in the industry by both major and small investors. The future of multifamily housing looks bright. This is mainly because of the ongoing demand for multifamily buildings, which is being driven by demographic changes throughout the country.


Absorption Rate

The fact that the housing market is dynamic is common knowledge. And keeping up with the market is like chasing a moving target. Inventory, neighborhood comps, median sales prices, days on the market, and local economic indicators are just a few ways to measure the real estate market's health. It could be tedious for real estate brokers to do these calculations over and over again, and they would benefit from having a single reliable way to evaluate any market. But is it really true? It sounds too beautiful to be true. The absorption rate is a simple but significant figure in real estate that will make you feel really grateful.

Market Exit Price per door

Syndication is the most common method for real estate investors to acquire multifamily investment properties. This is because real estate investors combine their resources to purchase larger assets. Outside of that, private equity companies, family offices, and bigger institutions make up the transaction volume. These companies often retain multifamily buildings for five to seven years, and perhaps even ten or more.

These apartments are not being bought by someone with vast wealth who doesn't have a clear strategy for when they want to sell them. In order to de-risk a real estate purchase and be ready for everything that comes your way, knowing the exit strategy is essential, even if you want to own the asset for 20 years or more, or even for life in certain instances.

Market rents

Rental market analyses (RMAs) provide investors with useful information about a property's prospective revenue. A comprehensive analysis of nearby rental properties is part of a rental market analysis (RMA), which also includes a review of the property's attributes and the typical rental rate in the area. Investment choices are aided by this data-intensive analysis, which shows whether a property is likely to provide positive or negative cash flow

Zoning Approval

Building new buildings or making changes to existing ones requires a zoning permit, which is a legal document. Zoning permits are necessary for every kind of alteration, regardless of whether it alters
the facility's use. This authorization might be useful for a variety of

purposes, including turning an office building/hotel into an apartment.

To make sure a town is well-organized, they have zoning permits. If zoning regulations are put in place, they will separate land into residential, commercial, and industrial areas. If you live in a typical residential area, zoning ensures that there isn't a noisy industrial facility or retail center directly next door.

Underwriting Hotel To Apartments

Underwriting is a finance phrase that may be used in a variety of economic situations, such as financial markets, real estate, and even personal banking. It is used to refer to the practice by which a financial institution would take on risk on behalf of another organization in exchange for a fee. Underwriting is a detailed and data-backed study procedure because of the possible risk. A bank, for example, may underwrite a loan to a person by reviewing their financial history to establish a suitable amount to allot.

Submitting an offer via a LOI

In the pursuit of repurposing distressed hospitality properties into thriving multifamily dwellings, the Letter of Intent (LOI) becomes a pivotal instrument, outlining crucial terms and conditions between buyer and seller. Crafted strategically, the LOI expresses serious intent, specifying essential elements such as purchase price, property use, due diligence timelines, and contingencies. Serving as a roadmap for negotiations, the LOI signifies the buyer's commitment to exploring the feasibility of conversion, establishing the foundation for discussions and due diligence in transforming the distressed property into a revitalized multifamily asset.

Due Diligence

Due diligence entails researching details regarding the physical and financial state of the property, as well as the surrounding environment. "Doing your homework" before and after your contract is authorized is one way to think about due diligence.


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About Steven Glaude

Steven Glaude is the Team Manager of Glaude & Associates, a prominent real estate firm specializing in residential, commercial, and off-market properties. With over 21 years of experience as a licensed real estate agent, Steven excels in various niches, including wholesale deals, property rehabilitation, fix-and-flip projects, foreclosure acquisitions, probate real estate, absentee owner transactions, and tenant buyouts. Additionally, he manages a successful short-term rental property management business and serves as the President of Instant Hotels, Inc., a Wyoming-based company specializing in converting hospitality properties to multifamily residences, retail spaces to self-storage facilities, and office spaces to multifamily residences. Steven's leadership highlights his ability to maximize real estate assets, providing innovative solutions aligned with market demand. The combined efforts of Steven Glaude Real Estate Services, Glaude & Associates, and Instant Hotels, Inc., showcase a commitment to excellence, industry insight, and the highest standards in real estate services, offering clients guidance through successful ventures.

Why Enroll in This Course?

By the end of this course, you'll be equipped with invaluable insights and practical skills to master the conversion process from hospitality to multifamily properties. Gain a competitive edge in the real estate market, make informed decisions, and embark on successful ventures.

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